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Konami required a successful promotion for the launch of its latest title, Super Bomberman R, and came to us for our expertise in social media management and content creation.

What we did...

Konami Europe was on the verge of releasing Super Bomberman R, and after working with us on several other successful promotions approached us to deliver an effective influencer campaign. We knew that keeping the game’s intended ‘family’ audience at the heart of our content was key, and with this in mind set out to create some good old fashioned “couch co-op” content that would appeal directly to that demographic. We quickly narrowed our search to focus on “kidfluencers” (which is essentially a child content creator/influencer on social media).

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It’s important for their channels to retain their regular style and content, so we pitched the brief to them in a way that is relevant to their theme. For example, if their channel is based off reviews or play-throughs, we tailor the brief to suit their content. As Super Bomberman R is a game which advises co-op play, we suggested that the kidfluencers create content involving their friends to create a natural feel to it.

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